Partial Vehicle Wraps

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Partial Vehicle Wraps


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Make the most of your company's vehicles on the road with custom graphics to advertise your business.

Shire Graphics is a Midwest vinyl graphics company that produces high-quality vinyl graphics for every type of vehicle and design, including both full and partial wraps.

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What is a Partial wrap?

Partial Vehicle Wraps are just what it sounds like, to have just a part of a vehicle covered with vinyl graphics. But it is much more than a mere logo decal. This type of vinyl wrap typically covers from 25% to 75% of a vehicle.

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle. A partial wrap typically goes over certain parts of a vehicle, usually the central portions like the hood, sides and rear. The roof is not typically covered in a partial wrap.

One thing to consider with a partial wrap is the color of your vehicle. Since a good portion of the vehicle’s paint job will be visible with a partial wrap, you will want to consider that color into the graphics and overall design. Shire Graphics has the expert graphic designers experienced with partial wraps. We will help go over all the considerations that are necessary in designing and installing the most effective and eye-catching product.

Shire Graphics has expert graphic designers with experience with partial wraps. We will go over all the considerations that are necessary in designing and installing the most effective and eye-catching product.

When to Choose a partial Wrap

Each company and each vehicle have different needs. A partial vehicle wrap may be exactly what is the best choice for your business and expanding your brand awareness. Two main factors to consider is expense and flexibility.

  • Partial wraps are cost effective. Costing less than full wraps, with good design, you can still have a vehicle heavily branded with your company’s logo and messaging.
  • They provide great flexibility. Are you looking to use your vehicle to help advertise a special event or promotion? A short-term message is a great reason to choose the partial vinyl wrap option. A partial wrap gives you the flexibility to change out what message you have promoting on your vehicles.

You are not sacrificing your marketing with a partial wrap. With good design and experience incorporating graphics into the shape and color of the vehicle, you can have a virtual moving billboard on your hands.

Just take a look at this example of a wrap we did for Core Electric. Shire was able to accomplish an end result that is just as effective as a full wrap would have been.

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