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Decals are versatile adhesive graphics that businesses use to promote their brand, products, and services across various surfaces. These customizable decals come in a variety of types, including vinyl decals, window decals, floor decals, vehicle decals, warning label decals, and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) decals. Vinyl decals adhere to flat surfaces such as walls, floors, and vehicles, while window decals are designed for display on glass surfaces, such as storefront windows or car windows. Floor decals are durable graphics placed on floors to direct foot traffic or convey messages, and vehicle decals are applied to cars, trucks, or vans for mobile advertising purposes. Warning label decals provide important safety information and are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings, while OEM decals are designed to match the branding of specific products or equipment. With their ability to be customized in size, shape, and design, decals provide businesses with a cost-effective and impactful way to enhance their visibility and reach their target audience.

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